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AV Billpoint Abets Fraud

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Letter to ebaY -
Subj: This is YOUR negative feedback
Date: 7/15/02 9:50:42 PM Central Daylight Time
From: PacRatSales
To: meg@ebay.com

Ladies and Gentleman of ebay and Billpoint

Well, it was fun while it lasted but I must say "Good-bye." First I say good-bye to Billpoint as we all know they are shutting down any way. While they are shutting down there is nobody home. Here is a question for you to ponder... Is there nobody home because they are shutting down?... Or are they shutting down because nobody was home?

Recently Billpoint did a chargeback on my account. This started a round of emails that, I am sure they never even bothered to read. To shorten the story and get to the point, I cannot and will not support an organization that has such poor, uneven and (in my opinion) underhanded business practices. If you are going to set yourself up to judge, you should at least realize there are two sides to every story.

My side is, the buyer perpetrated a fraud. Billpoint assisted this buyer in the completion of this fraud and even charged me for the debacle, this is ludicrous. If you look back, on the transactions I have done with Billpoint, you will note that I never ever allowed money to be withdrawn from my bank account. Recently you got your grubby little paws into my bank account. (mistake, BIG MISTAKE). I know there is nobody down there that gives a da-n, about this fiasco, but I need to let you (Billpoint and ebay) know that this is no way to treat anyone, much less a customer. Perhaps some of the reasons Billpoint has failed are exactly what I am describing.

Ebay also assisted the buyer in this fraud. Since ebay owns Billpoint, I must assume that this action is condoned by ebay. There fore ebay is guilty of assisting in this action. First you are guilty because as the owners of Billpoint it is your responsibility to insure its policies and actions reflect fair and honest business practices. My experience provided neither. Next you are guilty because even though the buyer uses a defunct email address (or at least has, and did to 7/12 02), ebay continues to allow this buyer to participate in auctions. I believe this to be in direct violation of ebay rules.

When it was pointed out to ebay and Billpoint that I cannot contact the buyer by email, that fact was ignored. The buyer has three (3) feedbacks to his credit, one is negative, left by me, after he canceled payment. The buyer has never, to my knowledge made any attempt to contact me, even though I have (or used to) the same type item listed almost every day. My full email address has always been listed in the ads and my phone number has always been available. Over the last several months I have done hundreds of transactions. My current feedback on one account is 20 (1 negative) and on another account 279 all positive. I would like to think I had been a good customer and merchant to ebay, its members and Billpoint, and a contributing member of the ebay community.

This most recent experience though, has indicated to me just how easy it is to get ripped off at ebay and that there will be little, if any support forthcoming from ebay, or your now (or soon to be) defunct Billpoint. Since ebay now owns PayPal I must also assume that in the long run there will be no difference.

I wish to mention that I was selling approximately one of these items every other day at a price of $90.00 +. The next goal I had in mind was to bring sales up to a daily basis and bring on other lines of product. These plans have been withdrawn from the ebay venue and I will be shifted to a couple of other venues we have been working.

Now I want to be clear here, I am not saying you should have taken my side in this issue because I have bigger numbers. No, I am not saying that at all. My numbers speak for themselves, in that I am running an honest business. The buyer's actions (to me) are obviously fraudulent or at the very least, circumvent normal buying and selling practices on ebay, or any other venue. Ebay claims to be a venue, and as such does not take sides. Ebay owns Billpoint (and now PayPal), There is no question that the buyer was given a refund, and I was screwed. That is not just a venue. That is a rip-off, and Billpoint and ebay let it happen. As stated earlier, not only did you (Billpoint and ebay) let it happen you contributed to the successful completion of this hoax. My side of the story was not only not important but non existent to Billpoint. I had no story, I had no rights.

One last point I would like to make here, this is directed at the senior and middle management at Billpoint. Just because you are shutting down does not mean you should screw your customers out of every last dime you can. Had I known that the real reason you wanted to refund this customers money was so you could put another $10.00 in your pockets, I would have gladly given you the $10.00. After all when someone needs to prostitute themselves for $10.00, I think they really need it, and since I don't need to sample the wears I consider it a handout. In that way perhaps the buyer would have been forced to at least try to contact me, so we could work out a solution. Since the "SO CALLED" defective item was under manufactures warranty. I believe we had a good start at a solution. As it stands now I have nothing but additional expenses, and the buyer(?) Has the product (DUH!!).

My original intent in writing this letter was to send it to "someone" at both Billpoint and ebay. But, I just realized, I am unable to do that. In the numerous emails requesting a name of the person or persons sending these emails , no one would give a name. In asking for a supervisors name, and or an email address I could send a direct plea to, no one would stand up. In asking for a name of a Department Head, no one would stand up. Folks, I have been in Customer Service most of my adult life, and I ain't no spring Chicken. This is not Customer Service, this is hiding under a rock.

If I allowed this to happen in my business, I would be so ashamed I would not think it possible to ever make it right, but I would darn sure try. All of you sellers and merchants out there have my permission to copy this letter and post it in any string or forum you would like. I think it is important to get the word out. Do not let this happen to you. If ebay pulls the letter email me at pacratsales@aol.com. (You should probably copy this now), I will send you another copy. You or I, or someone, can then post it again. It probably won't be me though. As I stated in the beginning I am saying good-bye to ebay and Billpoint and will have little need for PayPal in my other venues (not to say anything against PayPal at this time). Billpoint and ebay have their rules and regulations, which I always tried to follow, and I have mine. One very stringent rule I have is, don't stick your hand in my pocket, and you especially do not TAKE money out of my bank account without my express permission (don't bother quoting the user agreement, you know what I mean here)

Now here is a question for you sellers and merchants to ponder. When the buyers find out that all they have to do is, CLAIM that an item or product is defective, and they will get a full refund, plus get to keep the product, what do you think will happen? I leave you with that thought. Good luck to all, I mean the sellers of course, I doubt I need to express my wishes for the other principles mentioned in this letter. Besides rules are we can't use that kind of language.

Rick @ pacratsales