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AV Does ebaY meet Reqs?

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Powerseller Letter to ebaY
Does ebaY meet the requirements to HAVE Powersellers?

In a message dated 12/14/01 10:54:22 AM Eastern Standard Time, powersellersinfo@eBay.com writes:

"We would love to invite you back into the program as soon as your account meets the PowerSeller standards. The program requirements are as follows:"

I'll consider coming back to the program as soon your service, for which I *pay*, meets MY standards. MY requirements are as follows:

1. Allow me to link to the main page of my website. When you decided to make this a violation of your terms, I removed all the links from my site (which were *prolific*) to my eBay auctions in protest. I receive over 30,000 UNIQUE hits a month from people searching specifically for hair sticks, so it's no surprise my eBay sales greatly diminished immediately upon doing so. By the way, my decision to do this is the *sole* reason I am no longer a Powerseller.
2. Allow the HumanClick monitoring code to be put on auctions so I can tell which titles and keywords are working for me. Displaying the chat box on eBay doesn't interest me much, but I find the invisible monitoring code to be invaluable to me as a seller.
3. Fix your software so it works *seamlessly* with Explorer. This has been a major point of contention for *years* and you absolutely refuse to do anything about it.
4. Fix search so titles can be changed midauction and be reindexed. This has been a major point of contention for *years* and you absolutely refuse to do anything about it.
5. Remove all references to Checkout, including the garbage you put at the top of the screen at the end of the auction. Even though you no longer display the Checkout button at auction's end at my request, you are still confusing my bidders.
6. Either allow relisting for free when an auction is refunded because of a non paying bidder or refund my listing fees. It is unconscionable that you don't already do this, and is tantamount to thievery.
7. Give Powerseller status some value. Other than the occasional quick response from support (but only occasional... usually my questions are sent on to someone else who takes forever to respond), I see *zero* advantage to being a Powerseller. None. And I would never have been caught dead with one of those ugly, ostentatious logos on my auctions.
8. Last and most importantly, you need to step back and get a good look at the big picture before you destroy the empire. You'd better remember who got you where you are and who YOUR customers are. Bidders are OUR customers. The SELLERS are your customers. Maybe if you learn this lesson quickly and change what so many of us see as an extremely offensive approach to doing business with us, you might save what you are trying so hard to destroy. I'll bet everything I have against you.

Yes, you may have my title of Powerseller back, but don't think for a moment my change in status was *your* decision.
- longlocks.com
LongLocks HairSticks Boutique