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I had to write to somebody, and god only knows, Ebay won't listen.

This promotion Auction for American smacks of self-gratification on Ebay's part.

I've been a member of Ebay for three(3) years now and have watched, over time, as Ebay "tightens the noose," around it's Sellers', nearly strangling them to death with it's limitation and restrictions instead of thanking them for making them who they are today.

When I first saw the promotion for Auction of America, I thought, this is great....until I clicked on the R & R's for Sellers. My primary concerns being ONLY accepts Billpoint Payments and Seller pays shipping. What's up here Ebay?

My opinion: It's a publicity ploy if I've ever seen one, and how coincidental it's right on the heels of a national crisis where such a promotion is very self-serving to Ebay.

Billpoint trails MILES behind PayPal in community acceptance, and this is just one "gimmic" to try and help Billpoint catch up in this Seller's opinion. If Ebay was trully "charitable," then allow PayPal to come into the picture.

Also, what's this about Seller paying all shipping/handing charges? Doesn't Ebay realize that many Sellers depend on Ebay for their livelihood!!

Ebay has quickly and succintly created two factions of Sellers at Ebay ~ those that participate, and those that don't. This greatly HURTS Sellers who choose to sell on Ebay and FORCES them to compete against the Auctions For America.

I'm furious, ABSOLUTELY furious at Ebay's greediness here. How hurtfull it is to Sellers, especially after a long slow summer of selling.

Michelle ~ Ebay PowerSeller

I read with great interest the recent comments from various eBay sellers
regarding the Auction for America promotion by eBay. As a part-time eBay
seller (crusader666), I share many of these same concerns. However, I do
not have enough cash flow to donate money directly to the 9-11 cause.
Although I really despise Billpoint (for all the obvious reasons), I will
reactivate my account and use it only for the Auction for America promotion.
I will NOT offer Billpoint as an option for my regular auctions.

I suggest that those who are bitching and moaning about "losing money" as a
result of the Auction for America promotion step back to September 11, 2001
and think about the thousands of people whose lives were lost or somehow
impacted by this terrible tragedy.

I also challenge these complainers to turn their negative energy into
positive energy and do what I am doing: Use this eBay promotion to "clear
out" items that have not done well in regular auctions. Much money will be
raised for an important cause, more room will be made in the seller's home
or storage facility for more popular items, and the postage and purchase
price of each item can be written off as a tax deduction!

While some eBayers see these auctions as an "evil," despite my mixed
feelings about eBay and Billpoint, I will feel good knowing that some of my
stuff (which I can't take with me when I die) will go toward rebuilding the
fabric of America!


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