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A Voice - The Final Straw?

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Checkout the Final Straw? A Users View

I have left eBay to the point I won't be listing any auctions there anymore. I now list them on Yahoo. I didnt unregister from eBay because I have over 200 postive feedback with no negatives and I have to stay registered to be able able to access my feedback to take with me to other sites. eBay puts sellers between a rock and a hard place but I know from listening to what a lot of other sellers are saying that they won't be listing anymore either because eBay won't let them have the option of not having the checkout feature in the auctions. I think it is time this be taken to the media and then see what eBay's answer is to all this mess. The regular sellers like myself made eBay what it is today. It use to be fun selling on eBay but the Ceo and staff make it impossible to enjoy anymore with adding on features that only confuse and anger everyone. Their timing was also in poor taste with what is going in the world today. All eBay can think of is that almighty buck from the big corporate sellers and Powersellers. Another thing, the eBay staff won't even listen to the sellers with complaints about the checkout feature and won't answer any questions about it. Needless to say I am very dissapointed and hurt that they treat us this way.

Thank You for listening