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ebaY Hurts Boat Sellers

Auction Voice
26 Mar 2002
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Editors Note:
A seller in the Boating/Watercraft categories makes an appeal to ebaY, after ebaY damages his and others businesses by forcing a move to ebaY Motors (soon to be ebaY Transportation?). ebaY Motors sellers have still not recovered from what ebaY did to them, and the ebaY Motors site has never worked correctly. Is ebaY just exacerbating the problems by forcing Boats/Watercraft and Aviation to ebaY Motors, or is Motors also failing, requiring a boost by adding more categories to attempt to bring more buyers? This is confusing since ebaY claims that Motors has been an unqualified success, and that they are one of the largest sellers of cars in the world. Are the ebaY actions louder than the ebaY words? What is the real motivation behind this forced move? Is ebaY forcing out the smaller boat and aviation sellers to make room for the corporate sellers?

It seems that the category tweakers have stone walled the Boating/Watercraft categories, moving them to ebay motors was a ridicules move to begin with, than fragmenting the categories by leaving some B/W categories in ebay under sporting goods was a really STUPID thing to do. How are the potential bidders who still go to sporting goods to find the boating categories going to know they have to go to ebay motors??? There is no way anybody will find the missing boating categories! Or for that mater know where to look for them, since the present sporting goods categories say nothing about the changes. My hits to ebay motors is so low it's almost non existent by comparison to the prior weeks before this foolish move. I can not continue selling on ebay if I can't make a profit. There is an old adage "if it works don't fix it", why do you people keep tweaking things at the expense of the sellers.

There are some major problems for me as I sell merchandise that sells in ebay and ebay motors now, and I can't post in two categories. Does this make sense? When are you going to realize that it will take time for people to find the change unless you leave boating under sporting goods but link to ebay motors, if that can't be done than do something about letting potential bidders know where it is. Make a decision, is it a sport or a vehicle? (It's not a vehicle) What ever you decide in all your infinite wisdom, put it all together and make it findable. You don't even have a bold listing in ebay motors, that leads me to believe you felt it was at best a second class category and not worth the expense of a bold listing. It's not second class to those who list in it!

Please do something about this mess! Help the little sellers that are trying to make a small profit from the marine listings.

Thank you,
Lew Ogan